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Private Photography

■ Today's photo can't be taken tomorrow. There is never a same moment. If you would like to preserve that precious moment with a photograph, we recommend the Private Photo Plan. It's possible to charter a top level photographer for Half day/1 day. From life events such as weddings and graduation ceremonies, company parties and ceremonies, we would respond to your request.
■ 昨日の写真は、今日撮れない。

■ Flow of the shooting
[Before shooting] Consultation
For taking a good photograph, we put great importance in the consultation. We also check the camera positions and progression of the event and ceremonies before the shooting day.
[Shooting day] Half day/1 day We would also like to respond to your request if you have any additional images you would like us to take on the shooting day.
Half Day (4 hours) 18,000 to 49,000 B
1 Day (8 hours)   28,000 to 99,000 B
※ Stylist fees and transportation fees, location research fees will be of extra charge.
【事 前】お問い合わせ
【当 日】撮影(半日/1日)
【費 用】
半日(4時間)  18,000 to 49,000 B
全日(8時間)  28,000 to 99,000 B