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Commercial Photo

Lightings for bringing out
the goodness of the product

Since the spread of digital cameras, it has become possible for anyone to take any kind of photographs.
In the field of product shootings, the most important factors is the lighting. We will set the light until we ascertain the exquisite strength for bringing out the goodness of your product.

■ 商品の良さを引き出すライティング

■ Flow of the shooting
[Before shooting] Consultation
Let us discuss about the image by referring to the samples.
[Shooting day] (Studio/Location)
It depends on the number of items, but it will take approximately 3-6 hours.
Simple 1 item   1,200 to 25,000 B
Original 1 item   7,500 to 65,000 B
※ Stylist fees and transportation fees, location search fees will be of extra charge.
※ In case of location shoots, the maximum number of products will be 10.
【事 前】お問い合わせ
【当 日】撮影(スタジオ/出張)
【費 用】
シンプル1点   1,200 to 25,000 B
オリジナル1点  7,500 to 65,000 B