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Premium Portrait

Image tells many things
A portrait holds a great key of the first impression of you and your company, since portraits meet your customers before they directly meet you. Yes, it is not too much to say that portraits are one of the important factors that influence your business. Not only the communication between the anonymous people you have not met yet, Premium portraits, which tells so many about you, is an required item for delivering the best impression, branding and management as well as media strategies.
■ イメージは多くを語ります

■ Flow of the shooting
[Before shooting]
Consulting and Hearing
Let us find a clear image you would like to deliver though your portrait.
[Shooting day] (60-90 mins)
We will recommend to change the clothes and ties, accessories, for taking 2-3 patterns per scene.
Studio Shooting   6,500 B/1 scene
         18,000 B /3 scenes
Location Shooting 18,000 B/ Half day
※ Stylist fees and transportation fees will be of extra charge.
【事 前】コンサルティング&ヒアリング
【当 日】撮影(60〜90分)
【費 用】
スタジオ内撮影  6,500 B(1シーン)
         18,000 B (3シーン)
出張撮影     18,000 B (半日)