* Our Pride *

A photograph can express who you are at this moment, and only in this moment. AFTERMODE will like to capture you and your important person's moment in the best environment. This is why AFTERMODE is waiting for you with a professional studio, talented photographers and the world's best materials, to deliver a satisfying artwork and experience to you.

High Quality Photography ハイクオリティー写真撮影

360 Degree VR Image 360度VRパノラマ撮影


* What is AFTERMODE ? *

"Shape Your Image, AFTERMODE."

Under this motto, we propose a collective service of photography and graphic design, for shaping your image to reality.
On May 29th, 2014, AFTERMODE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in Bangkok, Thailand, as the first overseas branch of Studio AFTERMODE Co., Ltd., (Headquarter : Yokohama, Japan).
In our professional photo studio located in Thong Lo, a Japanese photographer and a Thai photographer will be waiting for you. We also provide a rental service of the studio for various photo shoots.


AFTERMODE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. は、潟Xタディオアフタモード(本社:横浜)初の海外拠点として2014年5月29日にタイ・バンコクに設立されました。トンローに位置する本格的な日系写真スタジオには、日本人フォトグラファーとタイ人フォトグラファー、デザイナーが常駐しています。


Outline -業務内容-

■ 360drgree VR panorama
Video Production
■ Rental Photo Studio

Vision -ビジョン-

Bringing a smile to our loved ones.

Mission -ミッション-

We believe nothing is comparable to the happiness we feel when our loved ones are smiling. AFTERMODE delivers photographs, visuals and expressions that will make you and your loved ones smile. As well as the headquarter in Yokohama, Japan, we aim to bring as many smiles as possible to all over asia and the world. Furthermore, we aim and wish to contribute to your positive future.
大切な人が笑顔でいてくれることほど幸せなことはないと私たちは考えます。 AFTERMODEは皆様と大切な人が笑顔になれるような写真・映像・表現をご提案いたします。